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Ushering in Year 2014!

All I can say is I am still learning. I guess my learning never cease!

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I also found a mobile app that will allow you to save on your taxes at the end of the year and also track your receipts and mileage using the GPS in your smart phone. I call this working smart, not hard. If you’re anything like me I have a tendency of not tracking too well so at the end of the year I miss out on important tax deductions. This mobile app helps you to avoid loosing out on your tax deductions.

Click on the link to learn more: Saving on my Taxes

I hope you have a renewed mind and a renewed spirit in the new year. My prayer is that you never give up and you don’t bury your talent because of this world. It is only temporary. Enjoy you life, your friends, people, your children, your spouse, your faith, your job and your business! Don’t forget to leave me a comment and tell me about your thoughts on the newly found weight loss and mobile app.