Unveiling the Jedi Mind Trick

This page is under construction but I will devote my entire time adding what I consider to be Jedi Mind Tricks that keep American citizens in the dark. For instance, did anyone ever ask the question why our Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, was able to pay only 15% in taxes while making millions, instead of getting angry about the information? I say that Mr. Romney knew something that most Americans don’t know and he makes use of that knowledge very well.

I define a Jedi Mind Trick as truth that you don’t see or can’t see, even though it is right in front of your face, like a very good magical trick. You see it, you saw it, it’s still hard to believe what you saw even after you saw what you saw! So it is dismissed and we all go about living life as we knew life just 10 minutes before the WOW factor.

I consider taxes a JMT because most Americans, believe it or not, are not aware of how the structure of taxes are set up on a yearly basis. This is why if you ask your average friend what was his or her tax liability for the previous year, mostly all of them will tell you they did not pay any taxes, in fact, they received a refund! PROOF that they did not pay any taxes, when this couldn’t be further from the truth! So I ask you, what was your tax liability last year? If you know the answer, you are not fooled by the Jedi Mind Trick! You will be able to make plans and strategize for the coming year. If you could not answer that question, you are more than likely a prime suspect for the use of JMT on a large human scale.

 MX Pedigree Chump

When I was growing up, America didn’t teach me things like, the benefits of owning a business and tax brackets and FICA. These were things I sort of picked up along the way. I am sure that this might sound strange to the young people of America but there is no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of young people in America that haven’t a clue about this country. I say this because I see more and more young people with no direction, no visions, no dreams, no education. How easy it will be for them to revert to crime, because only the strong will survive. So what was the Jedi Mind Trick played on these young kids? I must assume that one was, no accountability. When people do not have to be responsible for what they say and how they treat others, there’s a no accountability factor that sets in and take up residency within the individual. Now all one has to do is blame the other one for whatever failure might be going on in their lives. How do we correct this? By unveiling the Jedi Mind Trick (no accountability), by correcting the thought process (be accountable for what you say and what you do) and then by changing course to better ground, better ideas, better pay, better education, etc.

I will continue this discussion because I think it is important to unveil as many Jedi Mind Tricks as possible. Here’s one for you to think about. The 30 year mortgage.  This is a serious Jedi Mind Trick because people love the fact that they can deduct a part of their interest. I stayed in a house for almost 30 years! I know it is a JMT! What are some of your Jedi Mind Tricks?




  1. Mr. Carthan, although I agree with your explanation of how the Jedi Mind Trick works, and although your writing was captivating enough to draw me into your subject matter with sincere interest, I read through the entire passage without a real – palatable definition of the Jedi Mind Trick. It would be great to start off with a definition first, for anyone, such as myself, who does not have a large volume of vocabulary knowledge. I found a great definition from the Star Wars Glossary: As Obi-Wan Kenobi said in A New Hope, “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded. Jedi use mind tricks a.k.a. “Affect Mind” or “Alter… Jedi is a Star Wars fictional warrior/spiritual and academic organization in the fictional Star Wars universe.

    • Oh but Ms. Cordova, I believe you do have a large volume of vocabulary! I mean, just to be able to type “large volume of vocabulary” indicates to me that you most definitely DO have a large volume of vocabulary!! The definition that you found from the Star Wars Glossary is actually where the word originated. Obi-Wan became a Jedi. The Jedi had the ability to implant thoughts into the mind that led the person to believe it was his or her own thoughts. Thus the force does have a strong influence on the weak minded.
      So the question becomes, what in my daily life would I consider a Jedi Mind Trick, if any at all? Then pay attention to commercials. Pay attention to food, or food that is called food that is really not food but we eat it as if it is food! Or pay attention to promises made by politicians that are never kept but many believe they will be kept. Then become aware of mind tricks we play on each other, day in and day out, in order to survive. Your entire world will change when you began to understand why we as a nation is so cynical and why we don’t trust anyone, not even the ones we marry! Once this happens you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free indeed!

      • Would foods labeled diet or fat free be jedi mind tricks because they are trying to convince you that you will lose weight by consuming them . In reality, they make you fatter.

        • Yes! That is a perfect Jedi Mind Trick! Even a Snickers Bar is supposed to be good for you! The commercials convince a person that if they eat a Snickers they will return to normal because it’s good for you and it satisfies! Robin Williams was on that Snickers commercial! The Jedi Mind Trick is implored throughout the world to keep the masses in check. All magicians utilizes the Jedi Mind Trick and we are somehow okay with this! This is the time where no one can determine what is truth and what are lies. For the one becomes the other and vice versa. Thank you for the post Ms. Purdie. Great observation!

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