Ushering in Year 2017!

Can you believe it is almost 2017? I will own my home in a few more months!  Can you say a 30 year mortgage in 7 years? You can go to my website for more information! All I can say is I am still learning. I guess my learning will never cease!

Life is a non-stop school, you learn something every day without noticing it. As you can see from my blog, I have grown over the years. I’ve decided to expand my knowledge to things that I can apply on a daily basis to improve my lifestyle. I began to practice meditation, yoga, and learn about the natural healthcare supplements from All these small adjustments have helped me concentrate more on finance without feeling as stressed out as I used to.

So you might ask yourself, why do I work so hard for the community to help them eliminate debt? It doesn’t seem like America is trying to do anything to eliminate their debt. This means when it is time for you to retire, you will probably end up paying more taxes than you believe. So ask yourself, do you want to pay taxes on the seed or the harvest?  Call     240-244-9009 for an appointment and learn how to protect your hard earned money in the years to come.



As you can see, there was a product out there that out performed the S&P 500 from 1998 to 2012. I finally caught on two years later after the losses I incurred. How are you going to know what your retirement is going to be if you never know what you are going to have left in your account after taxes? If you are like me and you are now concerned about future losses with your IRA, 401k, 403b, etc, call for an appointment and let’s sit down and talk. Our company can put together a comprehensive plan for you to protect your hard earned money from future losses and the tax man.



Email me  for an appointment to discuss some strategies for your future.

I hope you have a renewed mind and a renewed spirit in the new year. My prayer is that you never give up and you don’t bury your talent because of this world. It is only temporary. Enjoy your life, your friends, people, your children, your spouse, your faith, your job and your business! And most of all enjoy the blessings God has blessed you with over the years. Bye bye for now!